Product Description & Characteristics

CON-SERV Inc offers (3) basic pot & disc bearing types: fixed, guided, and free-moving. In order to give the engineer typical dimensional data, the following criteria was adopted by CON-SERV Inc. as standard for the bearing detailed.

CON-SERV offers other types of designs; consult Engineering Department personnel for design assistance. CON-SERV can supply full friction and proof-load testing on all pot & disc bearing designs.

Standard Design Criteria:

  • Steel Type – A588 (Y.P. = 50 KSI)
  • Rotation Capacity – .02 radians
  • Maximum Pressure on Elastomer – 3500 psi for pots to 5000 psi for discs
  • Coefficient of friction – .03
  • Lateral Load Capacity – 10% of Vertical Load (Fixed and Guided) – Maximum for Standard Design
  • Movement ± 1” – Maximum for Standard Design


The bearings indicated may be welded into the structure or, if required, a leveling plate may be added with anchor bolts and grout for concrete installation.


The bearings may be finished per the job specifications. Painting is preferred over hot-dip galvanizing since hot dipping introduces distortion.


For a complete guide specification, please consult CON-SERV Engineering Department personnel. All HLMR bearings can be designed and fabricated to meet current AASHTO Code requirements.

Outside guided design should be used with HLMR bearings with more than 10% Lateral Load. Please consult CON-SERV Engineering Department personnel for complete details.

Fixed Pot Bearing

Free Moving Pot Bearing

Center Guided Pot Bearing

Outside Guided Pot Bearing

Fixed Disc Bearing

Free Moving Disc Bearing

Outside Guided Disc Bearing